Open different dimensions to the world of sports betting entertainment

We empower operators

 to innovate and create differentiated sports betting experiences that take players to the next level of sports betting entertainment

BetChill is a game-provider (B2B) with a vision to enable operators to offer different sports betting experiences. This also allows operators to optimize their business, to grow faster and with higher profitability than competitors.

We ensure quality and deliver a customized system solution to operators that integrates quickly and easily, ensuring cost- effective operation and minimizing time between installation and deployment.

For a new customer & partner, BetChill adjusts the gaming system based on the operators requirements. When operator accesses BetChills platform with games, an initial integration fee will be paid, and then a running royalty - a percentage of the operators revenues generated through BetChills gaming system.

Online gaming

 industry is characterized by rapid growth. BetChill focuses on sports betting, primarily live betting, a segment that has shown good growth and profitability

Our strength

is the understanding of the gaming experience. In order for us to be able to offer a gaming experience beyond the ordinary, mathematics is combined with innovation in game flow and technology


BetChill updates the platform continuously with new games and features to attract players and constantly renew and enhance the gaming experience