Game portfolio

BetChill's first game in a series of nine is a simple but equally brilliant game which allows players to bet on game progress based on real-time sports data and brings ”stock-trading experience” to sports betting.

BetChill's first generation consists of nine unique, dynamic and live sports betting games, designed to fit different player segments. 

"A good game should first of all provide an exciting and entertaining gaming experience. What is perceived as good is of course different for different players. Therefore, it is important to have a well-balanced game portfolio so that different player groups can find their favorites."

Game development

Development of games are close collaboration between all involved and take between three to six months depending on how standardized the game is. Great attention is paid to every detail such as user experience, graphic, design, sound and effects.

BetChill AB is based in Sweden close to management board.

The idea for a new game is realized in a well-defined process flow where the product management in Frankfurt initiates and is responsible for the game project on an overall level.

The game development and infrastructure coordination takes place in Kyev, all under project management and close cooperation with the product manager, while sales and marketing operations is operated from Malta.

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