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"We are small enough to make a real impact on each other and still big enough to make ideas happen

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Corporate Culture

What specifically characterizes successful organizational cultures is clarity about why the business exists, which values ​​guide the organization and a clear and preferably visualized vision, which shows everyone, within and outside organization where we are going and how we intend to get there.


to endeavor to control our own lives.


the desire to get better and better at something that matters.


crave that what we do contributes to something big that makes sense for many.

The creativity increases when you take away the money as motivation tool out of the picture. This leads to think outside the box, which means that we can more easily solve tasks that do not have specific directions. So instead of using money and bonuses as motivation for our employees, is the new business model based on providing freedom to employees.

Healthy & Flat organization

Clearity in comunication, in our expectations, our goals and vision. Trust, own responsibility, delegetion, and quick decision paths.

Lean & Agile work methods

to optimize efficiency within different parts of organisation and create balace between flexibility and stability.

Gender Equality

We strive to have 50 percent of each gender, according to studies innovation revenues increase by having over 20 percent women in management board. 


We strive to encourage to think differently. We believe that each member has a unique perspective to share that contributes to become the best version of themselfs.